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MARATHON PARADE is an exhibition of public and urban art that gives a very interesting contribution of culture to such an important sport activity of the cities as the marathon, this type of exhibitions gives a very great enhancement to the entities that exhibit the work.

There are 42 pieces of artists that represent each kilometer of a marathon.

The story of Marathon Parade

Marathon Parade emerges in a day of training prior to the participation of the Maratón de Monterrey from its creator and founder Rene Ybarra Matus, for him, the days of solo training are days of creative processes, in those kilometers the idea of Marathon Parade emerged as other brands and successful Rene projects have emerged. Those trainings where creative and different ideas are generated become a mini-session of innovation for the life of Rene, in his mind he had always visualized a great project where the intention was to motivate people who do not run to know the great benefits that It leaves you running, hardly this would be achieved in a training camp for a sedentary person and used to being away from the parks, the perfect combination for it arose when in those kilometers of training he ran into one of the sculptures that were exposed in "Cow Parade" , from there arose the idea of ​​making an exhibition of urban art where 42 sculptures of runners that would represent the 42 kilometers of a marathon were exhibited in historic centers of the big cities, this action would bring people to know more about close the advantages of living a life with tennis on.

A race with cause

Another of the objectives of Marathon Parade is that through the exhibition a value proposal will be generated to support an institution or civil association, this to support those who need it most and would be achieved at the end of the exhibition in each host city. half of an auction of the same works. For Rene, art and sport go hand in hand in this project, with this he also seeks to give options to new generations so that they get involved and prepare themselves so that one day they participate either creating a work or running a marathon. As a result of that training and after a few months Marathon Parade becomes a registered trademark and a company that will take the exhibition to every city where a marathon is held in the world.